VETARK Avipro Plus 100g

VETARK Avipro Plus 100g


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VETARK Avipro Plus 100g

Avipro Plus is an all-species carnivore directed prebiotic soluble fibre blend with vitamins and glucose. It is highly palatable and safe to use in all species, from poultry to dogs.

Key Benefits:

  •     Bacillus subtilis probiotic – licensed in the EU
  •     Fructo-oligosaccharide soluble fibre prebiotic to encourage the natural gut flora improve absorption.
  •     Vitamin A, C and E to compensate for the losses occurring during stress and to maximise protection.
  •     Electrolytes to aid in maintaining adequate levels during bouts of diarrhoea.

When using AVIPRO PLUS ‘in/on feed’ use 1 generous pinch per kg of animal or bird for routine use, or a third of a flat teaspoon per 10kg of animal. For general use as a routine nutritional aid, 1 scoop per 200ml drinking water can be used.


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