Beaphar Pump Flea Spray 150ml


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Beaphar – Pump Flea Spray 150ml


A cutaneous spray on solution to kill fleas, Beaphar Pump Action Flea Spray is suitable for use on cats and dogs over 6 months of age.

The pump action is designed to be low in noise, to avoid scaring pets as the product is administered.

Fleas are a common carrier of Tapeworm eggs, so if your pet has fleas it is important to treat them with a wormer such as Beaphar WormClear for Dogs or Beaphar WormClear for Cats to target intestinal worms.

If your pet currently has fleas, it is important to treat their environment and other pets in the house for external parasites to prevent reinfestation. We don’t recommend putting pets infested with fleas outside if they normally live indoors, as the fleas will begin to bite the human residents of the home. Instead, apply a fast-acting spot on such as Fiprotec and the fleas will begin to die as they bite the treated pet. In conjunction with treating the pets, Foggers and Sprays, infestations can be removed reasonably quickly.

All pet medicines must pass stringent testing to prove they are effective and safe before they are sold, regardless of whether they are available ‘over the counter’ or must be prescribed by a vet. All parasite control treatments available at Pet Connection have been proven effective and safe for pets, their owners and the environment, when used according to the instructions on the packaging. If you are concerned or unsure about the most suitable product for your pet, please feel free to contact us and we can provide information and advice.


Brush the fur against the lay of the coat before holding the spray 15″ (40cm) away from the coat and administering the recommended dosage for your pet’s size. Work from the rear of the animal towards the head. Do not exceed the recommended spray rate. Avoid spraying at the pet’s eyes, ears or mouth. Treatment can be repeated after 4-5 days, if necessary.


Animal Type Weight Maximum Dosage
Cat All 3 Pumps on Each Side
Dog 1.5kg – 5kg 3 Pumps on Each Side
Dog 5.1kg – 15kg 6 Pumps on Each Side
Dog 15.1kg – 30kg 10 Pumps on Each Side

Beaphar Flea Removal Spray Key Facts

Parasite Type: Fleas
Minimum Bodyweight:1.5kg+
Maximum Bodyweight: 30kg
Minimum Age: 6 Monhts
Pregnant Bitches:No
Lactating Bitches: No

Active Ingredients: Pyrethrum Extract 25% 1.027w/v, Piperonyl Butoxide 1.284% w/v, Citric Acid, Anhydrous


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