Royal Canin British Shorthair Adult 2kg

Royal Canin British Shorthair Adult 2kg


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Royal Canin British Shorthair Adult 2kg


The British Shorthair – a cat like no other! This large hunter will captivate you with its elegant facial features, generous nature and calming presence. It has a rounded body shape and muscular stature, with a thick coat that makes this breed particularly distinctive.

Royal Canin British Shorthair Adult is a dry food adapted to meet the unique nutritional needs of this breed, with an optimally balanced protein content and high level of L-carnitine, helping to promote ideal musculature. This dish also contains vital nutrients such as glucosamine and chondroitin, which help to keep bones and joints healthy as well as ensuring good body growth and to keep your cat healthy and strong.

As the British Shorthair can be genetically disposed to certain heart diseases such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, Royal Canin British Shorthair Adult contains a balanced content of taurine, antioxidants and important omega-3 fatty acids. These can all help to support heart health and ensure strong heart function.

Royal Canin British Shorthair Adult at a glance:

  • Specially adapted dry food to meet the needs of British Shorthair cats over 12 months

Supports a healthy lifestyle
The recipe of this dry food is specially adapted to meet the needs of an adult British Shorthair cat, contributing to healthy muscles, bones and heart.

Ideal food shape
The arched kibble pieces are exclusively developed for the British Shorthair’s jaw, improving nutrient intake and support tooth and mouth hygiene.

  • Strengthens muscle tone: balanced protein content and L-carnitine
  • Healthy digestion: contains L.I.P. proteins with high biological value
  • Bone & joint health: enriched with glucosamine, chondroitin and omega-3 fatty acids
  • Supports heart function: with EPA and DHA fatty acids, and taurine
  • Healthy urinary tract: thanks to a balanced mineral content
  • Respiratory health: L-lysine reduces the chances of transferring and suffering from the herpes virus

Poultry protein (dried), rice, vegetable protein isolate*, animal fat, maize, maize gluten meal, lignocellulose, animal protein (hydrolysed), chicory fibres, fish oil, soya oil, minerals, yeast and its derivatives, fructo-oligosaccharides, yeast hydrolysate [source of mannan-oligosaccharides], borage oil, crustacean hydrolysate [source of glucosamine], marigold extract [source of lutein], cartilage hydrolysate [source of chondroitin].
*L.I.P: protein selected for its very high assimilation.


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