Catit Magic Blue Ammonia Buster

Catit Magic Blue Ammonia Buster


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Catit Magic Blue Ammonia Buster

For years the number one complaint made amongst cat owners has been the bad smells coming from their cat litter box. The amount of ammonia found in cat urine has been a constant issue for cat owners leaving unhealthy toxins in the air and harsh smells. There are many litter and add on items available in the UK market, but most of these simply mask the odor rather than removing it. Catit Ammonia Buster absorbs and retains up to 80% of harmful ammonia gases using an entirely natural process that doesn’t involve any kind of chemicals or toxins. Great for purifying and freshening the air in your litter box and reducing significantly the foul smells and the risk of ammonia affecting your cat and those around you. In a single cat household, Ammonia Buster is effective for approximately one month. In a household of multiple cats, we recommend that you change your Ammonia Buster more frequently.



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