Cheeko Puppy Training Pads 14pk

Cheeko Puppy Training Pads 14pk


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Cheeko – Puppy Training Pads 14pk


Cheeko Puppy Training Pads make house training your puppy easier. With a special scent that attracts your puppy, he will soon learn that you want him to use the pad instead of the floor. Made of ultra absorbent material with a heavy plastic lining, they quickly lock in moisture and prevent leakage, making cleaning up accidents a lot easier. Suitable for all stages of your dogs life from puppy to senior.

About Cheeko:

Cheeko products are designed to make the lives of all pets happier and more comfortable; they provide solutions to problems and provide comfort and entertainment, ensuring that caring for your pet is easier and more enjoyable for you!

  • Ultra absorbent material locks in moisture so there is no leakage
  • Special scent in pads encourages your dog to pee on the pad
  • Takes the hassle out of house training your dog
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