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Easy-Life Nitro 250ml


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Easy-life – Nitro 250ml

Nitrogen (N) is a macro nutrient – essential for healthy plant growth Nitrogen is taken up by plants in the form of nitrate (NO3) and Easy-Life Nitro provides this in a highly concentrated form. Easy-Life Nitro also contains potassium (K) which is another macro nutrient

It used to be believed that nitrates and phosphates resulted in the growth of algae. However new views tell us that this is not true and that when levels of phosphate, nitrogen and carbon are too low the result is unhealthy plants which allows algae to flourish.

A certain ammount of nitrate will occur in a tank – from fish excrement for example – but in a well planted tank with good light levels or in a tank with only a few fish it is unlikely that there will be sufficient and Nitro can be used to increase the levels.

Nitro is phosphate free.

Advantages of Nitro:

A highly concentrated and complete source of nitrogen

can be used in conjunction with other Easy Life products
Phospate free
Easy to use, no mixing.
Dosage :-

Nitro is very economical : 1 ml per 50 litres of aquarium water will increase the level of nitrogen (N) by 0.45 ppm (NO3 by 2ppm) It will increase the level of potassium (K) by 1.3 ppm. (K2O by 1.6 ppm)

Do not overdose.

For use only in aquariums / garden ponds.
Store out of reach of children and in a cool dark place.


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