James Wellbeloved Grain Free Adult Dog Fish 1.5kg

James Wellbeloved Grain Free Adult Dog Fish 1.5kg


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James Wellbeloved Grain Free Adult Dog Fish 1.5kg


This product contains the following special ingredients and benefits to care for your dog’s health and wellbeing: • Fish Meal – Made with 100% natural fish. • Balanced Nutrition – Balanced blend of dietary fibres. • Yucca Extract – A natural deodoriser, for less smelly poos. • Omega 3 & 6 Oils – To promote healthy skin and glossy coat.

Specially crafted for pets who are sensitive to cereals, we’ve taken a handful of nature’s nourishing ingredients and combined them with sustainably sourced fish, predominantly ocean white fish. Then, using all our knowledge and experience, we’ve added all the vitamins and minerals your pet needs to stay happy, healthy and full of life.

protein: 21.5; fat content: 10.5; crude ash: 8.5; crude fibre: 4.0; omega 3 fatty acids: 1.5; omega 6 fatty acids: 1.6; Vitamin E: 150 mg/kg

Preparation and Usage:
Feeding Guidelines:
Dog – Bodyweight | Daily serving – High Activity / Normal Activity / Low Activity
Toy* – 2-5kg | 60-120g / 55-105g / 45-90g
Small* – 5-10kg | 120-205g / 105-180g / 90-155g
Medium – 10-15kg | 205-275g / 180-245g / 155-210g
Medium – 15-25kg | 275-405g / 245-355g / 210-310g
Large – 25-40kg | 405-580g / 355-510g / 310-440g
Large – 40-55kg | 580-735g / 510-645g / 440-560g
Large – 55-70kg | 735-880g / 645-775g / 560-670g
Large – 70-90kg | 880-1060g / 775-935g / 670-805g
*We also have a specific range of grain free food for small breeds; please ask your retailer for details.

fish meal** (24.8%), potato flakes (24.7%), pea starch (24.7%), tomato pomace (5%), fish stock (3.9%), whole linseed, olive oil, fish oil (2.5%), peas (2.4%), sugar beet pulp, alfalfa meal, seaweed, carrots (0.5%), potassium chloride, sodium chloride, parsley (0.125%), nettles (0.125%), chicory extract (0.1%), calcium carbonate, glucosamine (0.045%), yucca extract (0.02%), chondroitin (0.005%), green tea extract (0.004%), pomegranate extract (0.001%), rosemary extract (0.001%). **Sustainably sourced, predominantly ocean white fish.

Based in Somerset, we’ve been making nutritionally complete pet food since 1992. Naturally hypoallergenic, it’s gentle on the digestion. And with a blend of dietary fibres for firmer poos and omega fatty acids for a glossy coat, it’ll help keep your pet active, happy and healthy, from the inside out.
Made with a single source animal protein and naturally hypoallergenic.
None of these common allergens in this recipe: beef, pork, soya, eggs, dairy or wheat.
No added artificial colours, flavours or antioxidants.
Ideal for dogs with skin and stomach sensitivities.

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