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Matatabi Lolly

Matatabi Lolly Cat Treat with its special blend of ingredients will be an irresistible treat for your cat. It contains Silver Vine, formally known as actinidia polygama, and a massive ball of catnip on top.

The natural ingredients release an irresistible and invigorating scent that will fascinate your cat. The lollipop will quickly become a firm favourite that keeps your cat engaged and occupied. It can be licked and chewed, which can also help to support your cat’s dental hygiene.

Dental Lollipop Cat Treat at a glance:

  • Cat treat in the shape of a lollipop
  • Premium quality: 100% natural product
  • Unique alluring mixture: Silver Vine with a massive catnip ball
  • Original lollipop shape: cat can hold onto the stem and lick and chew the lollipop
  • Anti-stress: can have a relaxing and calming effect and reduce stress
  • Dental hygiene: nibbling and chewing provides healthy abrasion which can contribute to healthy teeth
  • Rolls around and encourages long playing sessions
  • Releases a pleasant scent
  • Colour: brown / green
  • Material:
    • Stem: 100% Silver Vine
    • Ball: 100% catnip
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