Mediterranean Serrano Snacks Puppies 100g

Mediterranean Serrano Snacks Puppies 100g


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Mediterranean Serrano Snacks Puppies 100g


Natural snack for puppies based on fresh ingredients, with serrano ham and chicken meat. Serrano Snacks is intended for dogs under 1 year old. It is balanced in calcium and phosphorus for healthy growth. Contains powdered milk. 100% Spanish product. Packaged in modified atmosphere. Gluten free. Content: 100 gr.\

30% chicken meat, 25%  Spanish serrano ham meat, rice, vegetal glycerin, 8% powered milk, 5% beef meat. Additives: Preservatives: propionic acid, calcium formate, citric acid. Nutritional additives: oregano oil.

Protein: 24.9%, Fat content: 7%, crude ash: 11.8%, fibre: 1.1%, moisture: 17.1%, 315 Kcal/100g., calcium 2.9%, phosphorous 1.4%, omega 6: 0.83g/100g, omega 9: 1.57g/100g.

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