Pet Nova Dental Bone TPR Dog Toy

Pet Nova Dental Bone TPR Dog Toy


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Pet Nova Dental Bone TPR Dog Toy

DOG LIFE STYLE Dental Bone ,blue/red, MINT aroma

DOG LIFE STYLE PET NOVA toys are made from highly durable TPR thermoplastic rubber. TPR is an extremely flexible rubber and soft material, which is very good for your dog ​ and perfect for dog gums. These usually brightly coloured toys additionally attract the attention of the dog and encourage the fun life with your dog. Another important feature is the very absorbent scent, your dog is attention to play is its scent. That is why Pet Nova TPR toys have two mint flavors (MINT) or beef flavor (BEEF)



We strongly recommend supervised play, regular inspections of the toys and removal of any damaged toys.

Keep out of children.


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