Pet Remedy Calming Refill Pack 2*40ml

Pet Remedy Calming Refill Pack 2*40ml


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Pet Remedy – Calming Refill Pack 2*40ml


This item contains 2 x 40ml Refill bottles for the Pet Remedy Calming Diffuser, and should not be used with diffusers of other brands. This box does not contain a diffuser.

The special blend of essential oils in the Pet Remedy Calming Diffuser work alongside the brain’s natural relaxation pathways to help calm nervous, anxious and stressed pets.

Natural messengers, known as neurotransmitters, in your pet’s brain tell the nerves receiving messages whether to calm (via the GABA pathway) or become fired up. Overstimulated nerves are a direct result of anxiety and upset, and lead to the many different signs of stress we observe in pets. Pet Remedy works alongside the neurotransmitters to promote calm behaviour and prevent worrying and stress, by imitating GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid) which is a natural calming agent present in all mammals, birds and reptiles.

Using ingredients from all over the world, Pet Remedy’s unique formula includes Valerian Oil from Eastern Europe, Vetiver from Indonesia, Sweet Basil from Europe and Clary Sage from France.

As Pet Remedy contains a low concentration of cold extracted essential Valerian Oil, the effect is calming but non-sedating. The constant slow release of the essential oils from the diffuser and water based spray is gentle and kind to the metabolism of pets.

Pet Remedy helps to calm excited nerves, so some pets will continue to bark or react in the same way to stressful events if their reactive behaviours are learnt. Once calmed by the Pet Remedy, most pets will become more settled and receptive to training so that the unwanted behaviours can be modified as required and confidence developed.

Directions: The Plug-In Diffuser should be located in the room where your pet spends most of their time. The calming effect will being instantly, and the ambient slow release helps to maintain calm behaviour over time. The diffuser has a coverage of up to 60m² (650 square foot), which is adequate for most large rooms.

The 5W power requirement of the diffuser means it is not expensive to run long term, and all pets in the household will be helped by the calming effect.

Pet Remedy is developed and made in England.

These refill bottles should only be used with the Pet Remedy Diffuser.

Ideal for pets including Dogs, Cats, Horses, Rabbits, Rodents and Birds.


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