Portable Spillproof Pet Water Bottle 350/550ml White

Portable Spillproof Pet Water Bottle 350/550ml White


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Portable Spillproof Pet Water Bottle 350/550ml White

Have you ever looked into the big, soulful eyes of your furry best friend and known just what they were thinking?

The open mouth. Panting breath. Drool running down their chin. Chances are, they’re thirsty.

This portable dog water bottle is lightweight, easy to use, and ensures that your best pal will never go thirsty again.

You’ll never have to listen to the desperate cries of your dog as you leave it behind. Take it anywhere you go.

Check out these key features.

No leaking. The silica gel seal ring means you can drop this water bottle in your gym bag or purse and never have to worry about things getting wet.

Safe for your pet. Our water bottle’s material is the triple crown: BPA-free, lead-free, and antibacterial. Because your pet’s safety is important to us.

One-handed operation. Open our water bottle and get it set up using only one hand, that way you can keep your other hand on your pet.

Different sizes. Quickly and easily remove the upper lid and attach it to our larger bottle, because big thirsts come in all sizes.

Your dog hates being left behind, and chances are you hate leaving him there.

This portable water bottle means you’ll never have to leave your pet behind again.

Stop feeling guilty and start experiencing the joy of taking your best pal everywhere you go.


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