SunSun LW-603 PreFilter

SunSun LW-603 PreFilter


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SunSun LW-603 PreFilter  —   NO POWER

Capacity: 2.7L

The bucket filter is an inexpensive filtration solution for larger freshwater and marine tanks. It supports the work of our external filter, relieving it from mechanical cleaning of the aquarium, reduces the amount of dirt getting into the correct filter. Thanks to this, the external filter can work more efficiently.

We can also use it as an independent filter, after connecting the pre-filter to the circulation pump.

It has an inlet and outlet valve, thanks to which we can control the flow of water or block it completely.

– Suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

– Can be used in combination with a filter as well as on its own

– Small dimensions – 17 x 12 x 28.5 cm

– 16 / 22mm connection


– Prefilter / LW-603 filter

– Sponge insert – 3 pcs.

– Inlet valve – 1 pc

– Outlet valve – 1 pc


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