VetIQ 2in1 Denti-Care Edible Toothpaste

VetIQ 2in1 Denti-Care Edible Toothpaste


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VetIQ 2in1 Denti-Care Edible Toothpaste 70g

VetIQ 2in1 Denti-Care Edible Toothpaste is a delicious supplement specially formulated to clean teeth and freshen breath. It contains natural breath-freshening and anti-bacterial agents that begin working immediately to address bad breath and tartar build-up. This unique edible paste contains effective mild abrasives that can be used on a daily basis, without harsh side effects to the stomach. VetIQ 2in1 Denti-Care Paste has no added sugar, no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners, yet is tasty enough that pets and it irresistible. Contains no fluoride or xylitol and is safe for pets to consume.


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