VetIQ Healthy Treats Teething 50g

VetIQ Healthy Treats Teething 50g


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VetIQ Healthy Treats Teething 50g

-No artificial colours or sugar

-Clove Oil, Chamomile & Peppermint extracts for fresh breath

-Crispy Shell with cream filled centre

-Natural omega-3 fatty acids

Healthy Treats have been formulated by animal nutritionists to promote your pets wellbeing. Each treat is comprised of a delicious crispy cereal shell with a health enhancing cream filled centre. Healthy Treats Teething For Puppies are designed to meet the specific needs of teething puppies.


Cereals, Oils & Fats (1.2% Omega-3, 3.2% Omega-6), Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Meat & Animal Derivatives (4% Chicken), Minerals.


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