8 in 1 Delights Bone Chicken XS

8 in 1 Delights Bone Chicken XS


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8 in 1 Delights Bone Chicken XS


8in1 Delights Pro Dental are made from great tasting chicken wrapped in chewy rawhide. Your dog will have plenty to chew on and there will be nothing left over. Unlike normal chew bones, 8in1 Delights Pro Dental have an enticing smell and portions of meat on the edges to awaken your dog’s interest in the chicken wrapped inside. They encourage your dog to chew, right down to the last little bit. Minerals white the teeth and make sure your dog has fresh breath. This unique patented combination is a tasty treat which your dog will love and they are also good for your dog’s teeth and gums.

Chew bones are a great way to reward your dog and take care of teeth and gums at the same time. Dogs tend to lose quickly interest in normal chew bone because they lack taste and smell. So they leave them lying around. Patented 8in1 Delights Pro Dental contain plenty of top quality chicken, wrapped in firm, chewy rawhide. They smell appetising and have meat right up to the edges. Your dog will want to keep chewing to get to the meat in the middle.

Chewing on rawhide encourages your dog’s natural chewing instincts and is excellent dental care, cleaning the teeth and improving gums in a fun way. Regular 8in1 treats can reduce plaque and tartar formation. 8in1 Delights Pro Dental also contain plenty of minerals to remove plaque and prevent tartar. Your dog will have whiter teeth and fresh breath.

8in1 Delights Pro Dental Chew Bones at a glance:

  • Lots of healthy chicken wrapped in firm, chewy rawhide
  • Good for teeth and gums
  • Satisfies your dog’s natural chewing instincts
  • Long-lasting chewing fun without leftovers
  • Various sizes to choose from, for all sizes of dogs
  • For whiter teeth and fresh breath
  • Only 2% fat content
  • No artificial colouring or flavour enhancers
Size / Weight for
XS / 84g small dogs from 2kg to 12kg
S / 35g smaller dogs from 2kg to 27kg
M / 65g medium sized dogs from 12kg to 35kg
L / 85g large dogs from 20kg to > 40kg

8in1 Delights Pro Dental have only 2% fat content and do not contain artificial colouring or flavour enhancers. Delights are a natural, healthy treat for your dog with added dental care benefits.

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