Applaws Whole Mackerel Loin 30g

Applaws Whole Mackerel Loin 30g


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Applaws Whole Mackerel Loin 30g

This natural cat treat will be a favourite among gourmet-lovers! Applaws Cat Mackerel Loin is made from 100% mackerel fillet and is free from any form of additives. The roasted fish is rich in animal protein and unsaturated omega fatty acids. This delicious supplementary food provides your adult cat with essential nutrients.

The Applaws Cat Mackerel Loin is an ideal snack between meals, or as a tasty treat, helping to supplement a complete feline diet. It is free from sugar, grains and other additives, making it easy to digest and suitable for cats with dietary intolerances. It can also be used as an exclusion diet. Applaws Cat Mackerel Loin is rich in flavour and offers aromatic seafood flavour as well as invigorating nutrients straight from nature.

Applaws Cat Mackerel Loin at a glance:

  • Supplementary food for adult cats
  • 100% mackerel fillet: free from any additives and suitable for sensitive pets with dietary intolerances, or as an exclusion diet
  • Natural snack: free from grains, sugar, colourings, preservatives and flavourings
  • Rich in animal proteins: mackerel is a great source of valuable amino acids
  • Contains unsaturated omega fatty acids: natural support for healthy skin and coat
  • Premium quality: whole, hand-prepared fillets
  • Well accepted: cats adore roasted fish!
  • Versatile: ideal as a small snack between meals, as a treat, or as an addition to a complete balanced diet


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