DoggyRade Pro Isotonic Drink 500ml

DoggyRade Pro Isotonic Drink 500ml


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DoggyRade Pro Isotonic Drink 500ml


DoggyRade Pro is a healthy prebiotic rehydration drink for dogs. It helps dogs recover from intestinal disorders such as acute diarrhea, gastroenteritis and supports rehydration
It is an award-winning, prebiotic rehydration drink for dogs. Originally designed for use in veterinary clinics, it can be used for the home treatment of acute gastrointestinal illnesses, including vomiting or diarrhea and to aid recovery from veterinary procedures in the home.
DoggyRade Pro is the ‘big brother’ to our preventative product, DoggyRade. DoggyRade Pro contains larger doses of amino acids and prebiotics, in a balanced electrolyte solution. All of these ingredients facilitate efficient recovery of intestinal function and hydration during illness.
DoggyRade Pro uses a specially designed targeted-feeding approach that helps to maintain the integrity of the lining of the intestine and provides the intestinal support your pet needs. Low in calories and fat, it is easy on a dog’s stomach, helps prevent dehydration, improves intestinal nutrient absorption so they get the most from their food, and caters to all dogs recovering from illness.DoggyRade Pro is very appetising and ready-made, so it is easy for dogs to consume directly from the bowl. It contains easily absorbable carbohydrates, in an aromatic chicken smell and delicious taste which entices dogs to drink even when they are unwell or out of sorts. It can help dogs to drink first and move them back onto solid foods. DoggyRade Pro can be stored on shelf for up to two years from production, making it a great addition to your doggy first aid kit. It can also be safely frozen for dogs who need a little help cooling down while they recover.

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