Flamingo Training Pad 10pcs


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Flamingo Training Pad 10pcs


Disposable Flamingo Training Pads Puppy to help you toilet train your puppy at home. Each diaper consists of 5 absorbent layers, and in the very middle of this ‘sandwich’; there is a fast-absorbing layer, thanks to which the liquid turns into a gel and is securely held there, preventing spreading, and the surface is completely dry in 30 seconds.

The disposable diaper is ideal for cases when your dog or cat puppies or kittens appear. Also diapers Flamingo Training Pads Puppy – it’s the perfect hygiene product when traveling with your pet: just put the diaper in the carrier or cage, secure it on the bottom and you can be sure that your pet will stay dry and clean in any situation.

No more stains on floors and carpets, as well as an unpleasant smell! Your pet is no longer too young and ‘accidents’ happen more often? Teach him to walk on a diaper, and let him feel your care and attention to his age and health.

Size 60×45 cm

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