Fluval Bio-Stratum 2kg

Fluval Bio-Stratum 2kg


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Fluval Bio-Stratum 2kg

Bio-Stratum is made from 100% natural, mineral-rich volcanic soil from Mount Aso in Japan and infused with beneficial nitrifying bacteria. Bio-Stratum features non-clumping 1mm powder granules that allow plants with even the smallest and most delicate roots to spread easily through the porous substrate while absorbing a powerful blend of nutrients, minerals and micronutrients to promote rapid growth and overall health. Features:

  • Promotes healthy plant development, vigorous growth and bright colors
  • Enriched with dormant beneficial nitrifying bacteria that activate when in contact with water to break down waste and accelerate the nitrogen cycle.
  • Quickly reduces ammonia levels to help stabilize water conditions in new aquariums
  • The light 1 mm powder format granules do not compact and allow even the smallest and most delicate roots to easily penetrate and spread throughout the substrate.
  • Porous granules promote extensive bacterial colonization and act as an additional source of biological filtration to improve water quality
  • Contains a powerful blend of plant nutrients, minerals and trace elements
  • Helps maintain a neutral to slightly acidic pH – ideal for live plants as well as tropical fish and shrimp normally kept in planted aquariums
  • Naturally softens water, reduces carbonate hardness
  • Does not stain water and helps control organic discoloration
  • The unique curing and heat treatment process helps extend the life of the soil and ensures that it is parasite free
  • Ideal for use in smaller freshwater aquariums or as a top layer in larger tanks

Package 2kg Color: black


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