Fred’s Loose Catnip 20g

Fred’s Loose Catnip 20g


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Fred’s Loose Catnip 20g

Fred’s premium, resealable, loose organic catnip blend. Perfect for refilling toys or on its own!

Fred’s catnip has been organically grown in the sunny French hills and is extra potent. It is a carefully processed mixture of pure catnip leaves, flowers and young stems. Its high bell content means it bursts with the aromatic essential oils (nepetalactone) that your cat craves.

Fred’s catnip is not mechanically crushed to preserve the natural flower bells that give the catnip its potency. We have hand sieved the catnip to remove as many stalks as possible. Before giving to your cat, please undertake a final check for any small stalks that may have slipped through.


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