Versele Laga Silica Cat Litter 5L

Versele Laga Silica Cat Litter 5L


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Versele Laga Silica Cat Litter 5L


Versele Laga Silica Cat Litter is a ultra absorbent Silica-based cat litter


  • Ultra-absorbent white and blue grains inhibit the development of bacteria
  • Tremendous absorption, completely neutralizes bad odours
  • Lightweight and 100% environmentally friendly

Directions for use:

Fill the litter tray with 3 cm of SILICA.
Remove excrement each time. The extremely powerful suction of SILICA makes this easy.
Shake the litter tray regularly. This increases efficiency.
You can deposit the used SILICA in the green waste.
Put your litter tray in a dry place. This prolongs its life.
The absorption is so strong that the cat box filling stays dry and the bacteria do not spread. Moreover, the added blue grains are specially developed to stem the spread of bacteria.


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