Zoo Med Turtle Dock Small

Zoo Med Turtle Dock Small


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Zoo Med – Turtle Dock Small

The Zoo Med Floating Dock is designed to provide a platform for terrapins and turtles so they can climb out of the water.

The Zoo Med Floating Dock give somewhere to exit the water from a submerged ramp without using up too much swimming space. The docks have a self levelling mechanism that adjusts to any water level.

The reptile or amphibians can use the dock to bask under their UV lights when not swimming.


  • Small: 12.5cm x 28.5cm (5″ x 11″)


At a glance:

  • For use with aquatic as well as small aquatic terrapins and turtles.
  • Unique Self levelling feature automatically adjusts to all water levels.
  • Submerged ramp allows easy access to dry area.
  • Heavy duty suckers for easy attachment to glass.


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